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Top 3 Alternative Internet Radio Stations

Is your Radio Station number one? If it is, great. Your job is to make sure it stays that way. If your Radio Station is only average and you want to bring it up to a competitive level then you may want to pay close attention to the information I’m about to present to you in this article.

What does everyone typically grab to take with themselves once they leave the house each day? I’d say their car keys and their cellular phones, and if for some reason any of these people couldn’t locate their phone, each of them would throw a hissy fit searching for it. It gives new meaning to the phrase, don’t leave home without it doesn’t it?

Cellular phones have by far surpassed internet connections in the US. That alone explains why the open rate of a text message easily slams any email when it comes to competition. There’s not a person I know that doesn’t like to receive text messages because frankly 100% of these people open a text message if for nothing more than curiosity. And I like curiosity. It is my best friend. Get to know him.

So now let’s talk a little Mobile Marketing, but first just in case you slackers and sand baggers out there haven’t a clue what Marketing is, let me throw some examples at you. We have the tried and true, battle tested Flyers. Next, there’s Twitter and Facebook. You can throw in Myspace too if you want to. Then there’s having your own Website, or you could choose to Blog. You could even include Business Cards, or Banners. Even Newspaper ads. Mobile Marketing isn’t supposed to compete with any of these methods. It is designed to work in addition to them. I feel like Mobile Marketing is the catalyst that ignites the synergy amongst all of them.

I’m really supposed to be talking about Radio Stations here in this article and apparently I’ve digressed. So back on track and pay attention.

By far, the largest advantage of Mobile Marketing is that you can always stay connected with your listening audience. That’s what Radio is all about. And if you have a gigantic listening audience, you want to keep it that way. You don’t want them getting bored. If a listener is even thinking about tuning to another station, that’s an indictment against you the DJ, your Radio Programmer or whoever’s in charge. Radio channels

Mobile Marketing fits in nicely with social media, websites, blogs, and Flyers because it’s quick and on point. Always timely and SOOOO cost effective. It would be a shame if you didn’t take a rounded approach to marketing by using every media tool available for you. I’m telling you, if your radio station wants to be number one, you’re going to have to step up your game.

So if a Radio Station is not using Mobile Marketing, they are perhaps missing out on one of the most influential mediums of advertising. When people are commuting to work everyday or wherever they go, and are not at their office desks, then cellular phone and radio are the only means to reach these people. Stop living in the Marconi era.

Radio listeners love to text radio stations to request songs, or to be entered into some kind of contest held by the Radio Station. Marketing by Text Messages give radio listeners a new way to communicate with the radio station anywhere, anytime.

Here are some examples of what Mobile Marketing can be used for in the Radio industry. The station can use it for contests, song requests and dedications, vote lines, station play lists, and enhanced advertising.



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