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Thermoelectric Generators: The New Revolution

By using a phenomenon called Seebeck effect, thermoelectric generators convert heat energy to electrical energy. Seebeck effect is the process of generating electric current by thermocouple and keeping the junctions formed by two different metals at different temperatures. It is efficient up to 5 to 10 percentage. Radioisotope thermoelectric generators and automotive thermoelectric generator are also used for various purposes. k type thermocouple

These generators are manly used for various applications like heat engines and sterling engines. The combustion engine, which produces more heat waste, is mostly used in this application. The glaring problems that appear in such application are output résistance and adverse thermal characteristics.

These generators function the same as engine powered generators to produce electricity but the difference between these two are the former is very silent whereas the latter gives an annoying sound. This is because TE generator produces electricity without any movement of its parts other than a cooling fan.

In this revolutionary engine temperature from the burner flows to many thermo an electric device towards the direction of the cooler where the temperature is cooled. Then this cooled air is expelled to the surrounding air from the air cooled fin to fan which is the only moving part. A voltage is created across the generator by the thermal flow of thermal energy.

High performance crystalline semiconductors are used in these generators because the thermal flow creates a very high voltage across the thermocouples and causes high voltage circulations in the primary ring.

TEG is highly reliable because of its strong construction. This is being used in many military and aerospace applications for several years. It is because of its main feature, wherein the power can be concentrated or consolidated to maintain an ample output to run many applications at the same time. The patented internal circuit, which converts the generated amperage into effective voltage, is the main feature in this. Several companies started using this device.


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