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Recording Schools, Your Options

Cleveland is a historical city: it was the first city to use electrical lights in 1879 and the first one to utilize electric traffic light in 1914. It is hailed as the 33rd largest city in the US – with a population of over half a million – and the 2nd largest in the state. In the 1970’s, due to the financial turmoil that the city experienced, it gained the nickname “mistake on the lake.” It was not after a long time that the city experienced sort of an urban renaissance when it constructed beautiful and gigantic buildings downtown. At present, Cleveland is known as the best city for business meetings and is among the most livable cities all over the country.

The city is also rapidly becoming one of the top cities to get an education on the field of music recording. Cleveland recording schools differ from others because its programs have a strong emphasis on hands-on training as well as mentoring. The Cleveland State University’s School of Communication is among the most respectable Cleveland recording schools. By blending classroom instruction by scholars and hands-on teaching by professionals, students learn theoretical as well as practical application of recording skills.

The Cuyahoga Community College District presents yet another entry in the list of top-notch Cleveland recording schools. “Tri-C,” as it is fondly called, has over 50,000 students yearly and is regarded as the oldest community college in the state. This two year college is one of the few in the nation that offers a complete Recording Arts degree program. Other programs offered by this Cleveland recording school include the Associate Degree of Applied Science in Recording Arts and Technology. You’ll also get to learn about recording theories, audio electronics, signal procession, digital recording technology and studio operations when you enroll in this school. recording arts program

Last but certainly not least is The Recording Workshop. Hailed as one of the most reputable Cleveland recording schools, this school dedicates itself in providing the best recording technicians – to become an audio recording engineer, live sound engineer or record producer. Founded in 1971, The Recording Workshop has become a world leader in its concentration on every aspect of the enthralling recording industry. Of course, with graduates being given the opportunity to work with artists like Nelly Furtado, Coldplay, Sheryl Crown, Keith Urban, and Lifehouse, this school is surely something to look forward to. Also, hundreds of graduates of this school are successfully working within the television and film industries. Working hands-on in their eight-studio facility, students are taught a “real world” curriculum to get them ready for exactly what they will need to know when they graduate.


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