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Password Management Software – Uses and Advantages

Password Managers are the new essential for any Internet user. Password managers are just that, programs that manage and securely store a list of logins and passwords and automatically fill them in for you.


The passwords and user names are scrambled in the file, so without the software and Master Password, the information is useless to prying eyes. Some people get locked out of their own computers, or can’t install software or use an online account because they can’t remember the password.  Usually Password Managers will encrypt your information, requiring one “master password” to access all the others.


“Give the People What They Want” When asked to rate the features they would want most from a hypothetical program that managed their passwords, the majority of respondents indicated “secure access to online accounts” and “saving time by remembering login information” as their top two choices. Your information is secure when you are away from the computer. password manager

With multitudes of websites with your login information and subscriptions, a Password Manager takes the drudgery out of filling forms and logging in.  They can store an unlimited number of passwords together with user accounts and additional information about those accounts.  Password Managers are dedicated software programs that apply high levels of encryption to secure your passwords and other data, yet give you easy access to the information when you need it.

You just have to type in your personal information (like name, address and credit card number) once and a Password Manager form filler will fill out all the fields for you with a click of the mouse.  I used to hate filling out my information over and over. Be cautious of using a browsers address filler and password saver. These are neither safe nor secure. Your details could be seen by anybody looking at or hacking into your Computer. Most Password Managers are free for a small number of saved Logins or require a small one off payment averaging $30 for unlimited use.


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