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Particularities of Women Sport Shoes – Part 1

Traditionally female sport shoes were just one more version of the male shoe but in smaller sizes. Since 2000, manufacturers began to slowly differentiate the female footwear due to anatomical reasons, morphological and biomechanical. First, let us talk about small changes and adjustments more specific to the anatomical and structural differences of the women.

Women need different sports shoes for the following reasons:

• The anatomy of female feet

• The percentage of body mass

• Biomechanics

• The cycle of ovulation

The anatomy of female feet moschino

The female feet have a narrower ankle towards the forefoot than males, if we compare two feet, one male and one female, with the same length, females present a narrower ankle. Therefore, when you put on a pair of man shoes to a woman, sometimes it happens to slip (as known as shuffling) on the heel. This anatomical difference is often the reason behind the ladies buying shoes a few sizes down. They make it not to feel that annoying shuffling. The solution is not to use smaller shoes, buy shoes with the width adjusted and if the shuffling persists, modify the technique of footwear lacing. To properly accommodate the female foot manufacturers began using forms adapted to the specific needs of women, in addition it is common more cushioning for ankle / heel shoes.

The percentage of body mass

Statistically a woman with the same shoe size of a man has approximately 15% less body mass. This implies that the firmness of the mid-sole should be adjusted to the lower weight, allowing the sole to better distribute the shock compression. Less weight means softer mid-sole, as feminine shoes should also have deeper flex channels to facilitate flexibility.


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