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Opting for Fisher-Paykel CPAP Masks and CPAP Parts

Research has shown that the zoma device is less obtrusive and easier to use than the leading alternative, a continuous positive airway pressure machine or CPAP, a mask that blows air on a person’s face to keep the airway open. Although CPAP is very effective, the best studies have shown it’s only used correctly 50 percent of the time.’ that leaves many diagnosed with sleep apnea but not treated. The CPAP machine generates air that forces the throat tissue by providing a support to hold back the tongue and open the soft tissue that obstructed the throat and thus enables smooth and easy breathing.

Untreated sleep apnea can lead to a host of other medical problems. Just having sleep apnea is an independent risk factor for developing high blood pressure, coronary disease and heart failure. That’s why Krachman hopes the FDA approves Zzoma to treat positional sleep apnea, to give sufferers an effective alternative to the burden of CPAP.

A secondary advantage of the CPAP, according to Brosseau, is its benefit to the patient with high blood pressure, diabetes or other heart problems which often go hand in hand with sleep apnea. If you can’t get on with a bulky sleep apnea mask, you may prefer the option of nasal ‘pillows’. These are similar to nose plugs that are attached by hoses to the CPAP machine. Some people find these preferable as the problem of air leakage is reduced and there is not any irritation to the skin from a mask. CPAP Mask Parts

The CPAP mask was simpler and showed great success, she said. But it meant snorkeling your way down into the deep of sleep, more scuba diving than sheep counting. Every single night. And you look like Dennis Hopper in “Blue Velvet,” to yourself and anyone else. I freaked out. A CPAP can be set to different pressures, and there is no definite setting that will work for all people. Discuss with your doctor or sleep specialist how to get your settings changed. You should always have a professional do it since it is imperative you get the correct setting.

There are a variety of CPAP Masks available such as nasal mask, full face mask, oral mask, nasal pillow device, nose cushion mask, nasal prong devices, and total face mask to match the patient’s requirements.



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