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Modular Display Stands – How to Make a Big Impact

Filling a large, empty display space is a daunting task.  You want to make the most of your space with dynamic and functional displays, without it appearing fussy and overcrowded.  You will probably also be looking for a solution that is both affordable and flexible, that you can easily customize, install and move as needed.  Modular display stands fit these needs perfectly because they make a big impact for big spaces.

They are ideal for wide open showrooms, large space only stands at exhibitions and entrance halls at conference halls or shopping centres.  Their large scale format allows you to display high resolution images at full size, or blow up images of smaller products to showcase specific details.  However, their large size doesn’t mean that they are complicated, difficult or time consuming to erect, and you might be surprised at how compact they are to store and transport too. poster display

The real beauty of modular display stands is in their name.  Rather than being a display for a fixed size and format of graphic, these displays consist of multiple parts which can be reconfigured to suit your needs, space and banners.  You can easily and quickly swap graphic panels and banners to convey different messages such as seasonal promotions, or sales, showcase new product ranges or highlight the benefits of different services.

Adjustable and expandable, modular display stands lend themselves to a wide range of uses.  Most modular systems are made up of smaller units which can be fastened or clipped together to form bigger displays.  Use your imagination to create interesting visuals with difference sizes of panels, configured in interesting ways.  Or take advantage of their modular design by using the displays separately. Larger display systems can occupy a floor space, while smaller units can be removed to be place on a desk or table. The flexibility of these display stands means that you will always be able to display your graphics no matter what you space limitations.   You can even use them to create three dimension shapes such as podiums, and columns.

There are many different styles of display stands, and which one is right for you will depend on your needs and budget.  Simple, straightforward folding displays or pole and graphic displays are ideal for smaller exhibitions stands, meetings or conferences, while larger pop up solutions make a bold and dramatic statement about your company in a visually compelling way.

Modular display stands are more durable for use for a long period of time than many pop up banners and other display systems.  They are robust enough to be used for years, but lightweight and easy to assemble, so you can take them with you to events both near and far for years to come without worry about wear and tear.


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