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Making the Most Out of Your iPod Touch – Watching Movies

I was given a 32gig Touch as a Christmas gift which was an upgrade from my previous iPod –  a rather dated U2 special edition, it didn’t even have a colour screen. For the first couple of months of owning the Touch I would say I used it 80 percent of the time for music and 20 percent of the time for wifi internet browsing. That all changed on the day I found out about how to transfer my video files into a compacted and readable iPod format. By using a free piece of software called Videora I was able to take all my favourite movies and convert them to mp4 format with a file size of around 400mb’s. I can imagine a lot of people would have the opinion that watching a movie on a 3.5 inch screen is not ideal, I was under the same assumption; however the Touch has a 640×480 pixel resolution which is really crisp. So clear in fact that it is just as easy for me to read subtitles on a film as it is on my TV screen. Streaming VF

The other day I was sitting in my armchair fiddling with my iPod when I happened to notice that the visible size of my Touch screen when held at the comfortable viewing distance was identical to that of my TV screen at the distance I sit from it. I own a 42 inch Panasonic Vieira Plasma and a PS3 for Blu-Ray films and I can honestly say that watching films on the Touch is not that much of a compromise.

I frequently find myself laying on my side watching a film, especially after a few glasses of wine, this basically means I’m viewing the film at a 90 degree angle, it’s not as if I can tilt the TV on its side to compensate for my lazy posturing. However, with the Touch it was simply a matter of balancing it at against a pillow to obtain the perfect view. This was never an ideal solution especially in bed when my wife would fidget and disturb her pillow which was also acting as my positioning device.

I knew it was time to look for a holder that would give me total control in any position or environment I happened to be in, this even includes the toilet – yes watching films on the Touch has become an obsession!  After scouring the internet for the perfect product I stumbled upon a holder called a Naja King made by a company in the United States called “Thought out” it is basically a 2 foot long rigid snake that can be manipulated into any imaginable shape, I can wrap it around my neck in a sitting position, coil it up when watching films on the bed and I can even wrap it around the toilet roll holder. The beauty of the Naja King is that the head rotates so it doesn’t matter what angle you are in, the screen can always remain parallel with your eyes.

I guess the only issue with watching films on the Touch is that it’s not  very social, however if you live alone or have a wife that falls to sleep at 9.30pm most nights and snores her head off, then it’s an ideal solution, especially if you invest in some noise reducing earphones.


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