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Karate Equipment to Enhance Learning

If you want to master Karate, you must develop the latent strength in your fingers, knuckles, hands, hand edges, feet, elbow, toes, etc. These parts of your body are your weapons. Unlike the weapons of the soldier or policeman, the Karate weapons cannot be purchased at a gunsmith. They are not ready-made. You yourself must forge them on the anvil of practice, training and self-discipline.

To attain the highest degree of proficiency in the art of Karate, you must practice diligently day by day. Remember the words of a famous inventor. When asked the secret of his success, he replied, “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. So too with Karate. Practice practice, PRACTICE! And practice will make perfect!

To help you speed your way to perfection faster and easier, it is suggested that you use the following pieces of equipment. Kid karate classes Las Vegas

Karate Sand and Gravel Box
You can construct a Karate Sand and Gravel Box or use any old wooden box in the cellar. At the beginning, you should fill the box with rice. To help strengthen your fingertips, thrust your hand into the box about 20 times daily. Use both hands. After a while, remove the rice and fill it with dirt. Then as your hand becomes callused, remove the dirt and fill it with gravel. After constant training the striking points will become less and less sensitive.

Karate Cement Blocks
If there is any construction job in the works in your neighborhood, walk over to the superintendent and ask him politely for one or two chipped cement blocks. Explain that you’d like to practice Karate with the help of the blocks, and that you’d gladly report any hoodlums loitering around his job as a reciprocity for his kindness.

Set up the cement blocks in your backyard or basement. At first they should be covered with a thick blanket. Pound away with the side of your hand, with your elbow and with your fist. Do this about 15 times a day. After a short period, remove a layer of the blanket; then remove the entire blanket.

Karate Striking Pole
You can build your own Karate Striking Pole. It should stand about 6 feet high with Karate straw pads, padded towels, or old pillows placed at three heights-shin height, stomach height, face height. The striking pole is an ideal -way to get the “feel” of Karate techniques. Also it will help you toughen and harden the skin of your knuckles, elbows and feet.


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