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It Just Feels Good to Donate a Car

The act of donating a car is very noble. It is definitely appreciated. Many items are donated to the needy everyday. These items normally fall along the lines of toys, clothing, furniture, etc. Donating cars is relatively a new concept. Many people don’t feel comfortable and could use some tips on how to go about donating. Car donation advice cam be found through local charities, car donation services, and the Secretary of State.

It is very important to donate your car through a charity that has been government approved. This can be done by going through an online car donation service. Car donation services offer donations to various charities. Some donate to multiple charities. The government will actually offer a certificate to all charities that have been found legitimate. This goes for the car donation services themselves. They will then be deemed as tax-exempt organizations, which will guarantee their authenticity. This is a great way to know you are going through a reputable car donation company and/or charity. Salvation Army Pickup

Once you have chosen an online car donating service and charity of your choice, you will want to find the actual blue book price of your car. You will then know what the fair market value for your vehicle is. This is based on the current condition of your vehicle.

It is vital that you have your receipt that will be given to you once the vehicle donation is completed. Only legitimate organizations will give these. If you walk out without a receipt, that should be a very big read flag. It is this receipt that will also allow you to obtain a tax deduction from the IRS.

There are details that you will want to keep track of when donating your car. You will need to know the make, model and year. You will want to have the exact date that you donated your car. You need to know the blue book value that is yielded for the charity of your choice.

There are many laws pertaining to car donation. People will no longer receive fair market value, so do not let this catch you off guard. You will only get the amount that the car donation service or charity was able to get for the car that you donated. Many people do not find this as a problem, since they know they are doing a good deed. Sometimes receiving less money is OK when it is a convenient way to get a problem car off of your hands.

Donating a car is a benefit to all those involved. For you as a donor, it is a great way to get rid of a vehicle you do not want, and get a tax deduction. Charities have the ability to help fund their cause. Cars are a great way for a charity to have a big dent in their relief efforts.



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