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How to Buy Green Furniture

As a responsible citizen of this world leading an eco-friendly and green lifestyle, you could be wondering how to purchase green furniture. Buying green, after all, means that you’re doing your bit to maintain a healthy planet. Purchasing green furniture also keeps your home healthy as green furniture doesn’t set any harmful substance in the air that you breathe.

Here’s how you can go green with your furniture

Look for FSC certified wood

The best way to buy quality green furniture is to go for FSC certified wood. Such type of wood is sustainable which has been properly harvested. It means that no harm has been caused to forests and the fragile ecosystem hasn’t been compromised with.

Buy bamboo products

Environment conscious manufacturers are increasingly using bamboo for making eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo is versatile and several furnishing products, from furniture to flooring material are being made from it. As bamboo grows back quickly, there’s no question of the resource being depleted.

Purchase reclaimed wood furniture

Such wood is usually got from buildings, bridges, old furniture etc. In fact, it can be reclaimed for anything that comprises wood as part of its construction. Discarded industrial scraps, reclaimed log from rivers are a good source of such furniture. Barn wood furniture is extremely preferred. Reclaimed wood comprises its own patina and richness.

Buy local make furniture

Buying locally manufactured furniture, is one of the greenest choices. Sustainability is the underlining word about green furniture. You can cut down energy costs when you buy such furniture. Moreover, you also support the local economy when you buy such furniture. Salvation Army Pickup

Buy recycled furniture

Furniture manufactured from recycled plastic or metal is another option to go green. Anything that can be recycled could be considered as eco-friendly. While this could be much of a sweeping statement, recycling actually means that you’re using fewer resources. With technology improving at a rapid pace, the quality of recycled material has also improved vastly.

Buy non-toxic or low toxic furniture

Purchasing furniture that has a non-toxic or low-toxic finish can reduce the emission of toxic gasses. Such gasses could be a health hazard in a well insulated room, where toxins can’t escape easily. Look for a suitable certification that would ensure that you’re buying furniture that has no or minimal toxic chemicals.

Buy vintage or used furniture

The easiest way to go green is to buy vintage furniture. Though such furniture is unlikely to come with any FSC certification or made with approved wood, still they are likely to have passed decades where they have finished emitting toxic gasses. You would also prevent the wood from being wasted in land fills by using it in your furniture. High quality vintage or antique furniture is vastly sought after and you can even resell it at the price you had bought it.



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