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Get Rid of Debt – 10 Ways to Pay Down Your Home Loan Mortgage Sooner

Below are the top 10 ways to pay down your home loan mortgage sooner:

1. Make Additional Repayments To Your Loan

It is amazing how much an extra $10, $20 or $50 per week can make to your home loan over the long term. If you are determined to cut down your spending, and start to watch your money more carefully, this can be quite easy to achieve. Having a budget can help you find this extra money. It is amazing how a small amount of money can make a large difference to your long term financial future.

2. Make More Regular Repayments To Your Loan

The interest cost on your home loan is more than likely calculated daily, so if you can make more regular repayments you can pay more off the loan sooner and reduce your interest costs.

The easiest way to do this is set up your loan repayments to match when you receive your wages / income. I.e. if you get paid on a fortnightly basis you may wish to pay the fortnightly portion in that pay rather than waiting to pay it on the day of the month, when your repayments fall due.

3. Look At Other Loan Options

There may be cheaper interest rates or lower fee loans on the market that you may be considering. This means that if you can get a cheaper interest rate and continue to pay the same amount in repayments that you are currently paying, you will pay more off the principal component of the loan, clear the loan sooner and save yourself interest. FHA

If considering changing financial institutions to get a better loan deal, be careful. Explore this option carefully as there may be refinancing costs involved.

Speak to your own bank about your loans including your fees and interest costs. You never know, you may be able to get a better deal through your existing financial institution if you ask.

4. Save Via A 100% Offset Savings Account

Consider putting savings in an offset account attached to your loan. If you have any money sitting around in different accounts consider consolidating them and putting all proceeds into a 100% offset savings account.

The interest charged on your home loan is calculated on the difference between the home loan balance less the balance in your savings account. This works the same way as if you had paid the money directly into your home loan but instead the money is kept available to you in your savings account.


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