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Future Technology Exposed

The year is 2010. We are IN the future. There are no flying cars or Jetsons-style rocket packs. What developers in the tech industry are making includes technology that is more practical than fanciful. Our nation has made the jump to Hi Def TV broadcasts. Home phones are now smartphones that go wherever we do. Video game launches are just about as important as elections. However you look at it, we are more advanced than ever and still we cast our eyes on new horizons.

Citizens of the future, while we aren’t all vacationing on the moon, many of the technological marvels we have seen created for the big screen are being developed, as you read this, in labs and factories all over the world. Some of these come in revolutionary ways to entertain. Some will change business. Some are medical breakthroughs. Others will change the way wars are waged. Starting to sound more like the future now? It should.


Does it drive you crazy how in the movies they always have those clear monitors that display a semi-transparent image across them, but we can’t buy them at our favorite electronics retailer yet? If it does, then this is for you.

AMOLED. If you’ve never heard of it, it is technology behind Samsung’s next big offering. AMOLED stands for Active-Matrix OLED. OLED is already used in the displays of many of the new smartphones. OLED display screens are thinner and require no backlight. In an Active-Matrix LED, pixels are deposited on a thin film transistor and react as electricity, guided by a series of switches, reaches each pixel. Translation: Ultra flat, low-energy TV screens that you can see through.


It’s not something from the movie Wall-E. The QB is a telepresence robot, produced by Anybot, that can act as a proxy for you if you can’t make it to that important meeting. It has two cameras and three microphones for video conferencing and is controlled through your web browser. QBs weigh 35 pounds and run $15k currently. You can order them on Anybot’s website. مصعد صغير


Robotics maker Robotex has a different kind of robot. This one doesn’t do video conferencing and has no place on the jobsite. That is, unless your job site is a combat zone like the Iraqi desert.

At first glance, these devices appear to be gun-mounted, remote controlled cars. And they are, but they are more than that. Robotex teamed up with Military Police Systems founder Jerry Baber to create these war machines. They are designed to take humans out of combat situations in military conflicts. Baber’s AA-12 shotgun feels like a natural fit for these gun-wielding bots.

Aside from having dual mounted AA-12’s, amazing turn response, and jamming enemy cellphones and radio signals as it moves in for the kill(s), Robotex’s combat robots cost only $30-50 thousand. That may seem like a lot, until you compare it to Foster-Miller’s Talon, the next closest thing, at roughly six times the cost. To top it all off, they received a nod from the world’s most notorious contract killers, Blackwater, who will display Robotex models on their showroom floor.


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