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Fundamentals of Field Development Planning

This Field Development Planning course provides participants with an opportunity to learn the fundamental approach for working and writing a Field Development Plan.  The plan is a document that is an output of a sequence of decision and discipline based tasks designed to come up with a development plan.

Day 1

FDP Overview

  • Reservoir Management Concepts and Processes
  • Integrated Reservoir Study – People and Skills
  • Essentials of Robust FDP
    • Field Development Options
    • Project Stakeholders
    • Risk Management Process
    • Risk Register
  • Field Development Planning Template

On the first day, participants will learn the phases of a reservoir life cycle, the reservoir management process and concepts, team structure in integrated reservoir studies.  Essentials of robust FDP will also be discussed. The day will end with a discussion on the Field Development Planning Template.

Day 2

Reservoir Model – Static

  • Integrated Field Planning: Key Elements
  • Structural Framework
  • Facies Modeling – Depositional Systems
  • Property Modeling – Petrophysics
  • Property Modeling – Geophysics
  • Elements of Static Model Building

Day two of this course will focus on the Static Reservoir Model. Participants will learn about the key elements of an integrated field planning. Elementys of Static Model Building will also be discussed.

Day 3

Reservoir Model – Dynamic

  • Dynamic Model – Upscaling
  • Dynamic Model – Initialization
  • Dynamic Model – Building
  • Dynamic Model – Calibrating
  • Predicting Performance
  • Example Development Scenarios

Day three will focus on the Dynamic Reservoir Modeling.  Specifically, on this day, participants will learn how predicting performance by dynamic model helps robust filed development planning. fieldap

Day 4

Facilities, Economics and Optimization

  • Surface Facilities
  • Development Plan Optimization
  • Project Ranking
  • Expected Value and Value of Perfect Information

On day four, participants will learn the importance of surface facilities in field development planning.  Economical analysis and optimization of development scenarios, project ranking will also be discussed.  The ay will end with learning the expected value and value of perfect information.

Day 5

Development Examples – New Field , Mature Field, Waterflood

  • Field Development at Different Stages of Reservoir Life Cycle
    • Appraisal
    • Developing
    • Producing
    • Monitoring Production
    • Phases of Production
    • IOR/EOR
  • FDP Examples
    • New Filed
    • Mature Field
    • Waterflooding

The last day of the course will continue with the review of Field Development Plan concepts.  Participants will also learn about the reservoir appraisal and development planning.  The day will end with generic examples of field developments.



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