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Features of Dog Poop Bags

A dog is man’s best friend and for some persons, the constant companion. Dogs are often times treated like babies and this includes the provision of adequate food, care and exercise. When taking the dog out for the daily walk, consideration should always be given to those with whom the space must be shared. With this in mind, a pack of doggie bags should always be at hand. poop and tie

In days gone by, finding a dog poop bag would be almost impossible. It was often times substituted with newspaper or the poop just taken up and thrown in the garbage. As time has evolved, so have the methods we use to clean up after our dog. How do we choose the right dog poop bag? What exactly should one be looking for when making this purchase? Dog poop bags should be light weight and durable. This makes for easy clean up, so should your dog leave something behind for an unexpected walker or jogger you can take it up immediately. With the bag, it is quite easy for the user to scoop up the waste, tie the bag and dispose of it.

Probably the most important feature to look for though is proper odour-block protection. Some of these bags, particularly the bio-degradable ones, are made of corn-starch. This helps to lock odour in, and prevents the accumulation of bacteria making it safe to dispose in public waste-bins. Some dog poop bags are baby powder scented, which also helps to hide odours. These bags are made with the surroundings in mind, to allow you to adequately dispose of your dog’s waste and not give off any offensive smells.

They now come in a variety of colours and sizes. Choose the bag size based on the size of your dog. Bigger dogs require bigger dog poop bags. This provides sufficient space to store and dispose of all waste. The colours are also helpful with masking dog waste; the darker the colour, the better. The bags are now available in blue, orange, black, red and purple; very bright choices to assist with visibility. When purchasing the dog poop bags, be sure to buy wisely. Choose cost efficient brands that speak to durability and effectiveness.


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