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Different Types of Famous Footwear for Women

Shoes are not only accessories for women. Famous footwear are basically necessities and they are considered to be an integral, essential part of a woman’s personality. You could find the widest array of shoes to wear which provides comfort while being stylish. The right kind of footwear would definitely make a lasting and positive impression on people. Hence, shoes could spruce up your looks and personality to boost your confidence for commendable social relations and personality at work.

In the world of women footwear, shoes are considered fashion necessities. It is imperative that you choose the right type of shoes to match your outfit and attire ideal for a specific occasion. Your shoes are vital in completing your dress requirements. Nevertheless, you have to take note that footwear ought not just to make your looks pleasing to the eye. Go not only for aesthetics when choosing your footwear. Remember not to sacrifice comfort as well.Most importantly, make sure your shoes are comfortable to wear and healthy to your feet at all times. There is no use wearing killer shoes if they literally could kill your feet.

Types of Shoes

There are generally two main types of famous footwear which you could choose from for women’s wear:

1. Heels

This type of footwear for women is characterized by an elevated part at the back of the heel which allows the ball of the foot to be lifted from above the ground. You can find different heels with varied heights and types. There are different designs and style of shoes under this category with diversity of materials, colours, inches of heels and so much more.

2. Flats

This type of footwear for women is seen as the total opposite of the first category. The footwear does not have heels and is not elevated from the ground. There are also other types of flats which come with varied shapes, design, colour, materials used for construction and so much more.

Other Popular Shoe Types

From the above two categories comes other types of footwear which have invaded the fashion scene through the years.

· Boots

This is the footwear you would wear if you are into the fashion-forward genre. It is, however, not just a stylish and aesthetically attractive choice. Boots are for necessary use and wear especially during the cold season. It completely covers the entire foot, usually up to the knees. You can find boots which are flat, wedged or heeled. Common materials used for boots include suede, leather and fabric.

· Wedge

For those who are highly stylish and trendy, this type of footwear is the ideal choice. You can find really nice and fashionably trendsetting types of wedges. This shoe type is characterized by a heeled feature with no space or gap separating the front of the shoe and the sole. Thus, the look of the shoes is compact with the entire foot elevated from front to back. This footwear is usually shown with a wooden sole of different styles and shapes. fake jordans

· Sandals

This is a not so stylish and trendy type of footwear and are often used for casual wear – such as going to the mall or the beach. However you can now find a wide variety of chic and sophisticated sandals for that eye-catching effect. It is usually characterized by a flat or slight elevated construction with open-toed or covered features for the upper part of the foot.


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