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Comparison Between the Pomodoro Technique and The Results Curve

The greatest struggle any busy person has is effectively managing their time. The two most widely known methods of time management are Francesco Cirillo’s ‘The Pomodoro Technique’ and Pierre Kawand’s ‘The Results Curve’.

Both methods recommend that you write a to-do list down with pen and paper. This will take up far less time than opening up and creating a spreadsheet or a task list on a PDA. While the basic methods are essentially the same, the means to the end in both methods are vastly different. The Pomodoro Technique and The Results Curve differ in the amount of details written for each task, how you plan out your day, and how each task is going to be completed.

With the Pomodoro Technique, you write out a task list at the beginning of each day. Your task list is a simple chart listing everything that needs to be completed that day, and an estimation of how long it will take to complete them. When the day is over and all your tasks are completed, you record how much time each one actually took you. This will prove to be very useful in future planning.

During any work day, things always find a way of coming up that need your attention. For this reason, there is a section of the chart for unplanned and urgent activities. When something comes up while you’re in the middle of another task, you write it down on the chart, and continue with the task at hand. Once you’ve finished, you can revisit the urgent activity, and complete it before moving on. This can be added to your daily activity or be done during a short break. pomodoro technique app

The Results Curve is the other effective time management method, however the way you construct your day is far different. With this method, you have what are called “Micro-Plans” for each given work session. This is a drawn out and conclusive step-by-step plan of how to carry out the task for this work session. If you become aware of any new activity that you need to complete to accomplish this task, you simply add it to your plan.

Both are extremely effective time management methods, and with their differences, it will be easy to decide which method works best for you. If you’re more of a big picture type of person, the Pomodoro Technique is absolutely for you. If you like to complete tasks one at a time, without the stress of a sweeping list of things you need to accomplish, then the Results Curve is probably going to work best for you.

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