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Collectable Kitchen Plates For Every Taste

Collectable kitchen plates have been around for a long time. Your grandmother may have had a collection of antique or specialty plates. Decorating with these plates is one way to add interest to your rooms.

There are many categories of these pieces that people are fond of collecting. Some of them were designed to be collected and some of them became more desired as their value and popularity grew. When these products were no longer available to be purchased new, they began to become prized parts of a collection.


More Valuable if the Design is No Longer Available

Some of these plates that started out as china to be used for dining are simple pieces. They may be blue cornflower, or have a hand-painted rose design. If the design is no longer available, they are valuable. Some are fancier but still considered as china. These may be embossed with the name of the place where they were used. It could be a restaurant, a hotel, a cruise ship, or even a plate used at government functions.

Other plates are designed with collecting in mind. These are the ones such as the Danbury Mint limited editions. There are special Norman Rockwell plates, and also from Currier and Ives. Of these latter, the Four Seasons group is quite popular.

Commemorative Plates

Some plates are made to commemorate a specific event. You will find some celebrating the bicentennial of the United States, city and church founder’s day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. Some of these may have a special significance to you. For example, there are times when someone will make or have made plates commemorating the day of your wedding. These are precious items that you will want to display proudly.

Many people like to gather kitchen plates when they visit tourist locations. Others like to get ones that have been acquired years ago and buy them as antiques. Either way, they are or will become collectable. You can get plates from locations like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone Park, the Royal Gorge, Pike’s Peak, or other scenic places. These often have a picture of the tourist site on the front. A similar type that is of interest to tourists is the state-themed plate.

Old-Fashioned Collections

There are certain old-fashioned items that have come down through many generations. Many of them are still being made today, but usually they are not as elaborate. One of these types is the recipe plates. These are generally made of porcelain. They have an actual recipe painted on the front. The recipes are real and if you follow the directions, you will have a cake or salad that is easy and flavorful. The other type is the prayer plates. These are also elaborate, often gold rimmed, and have a kitchen prayer painted on their fronts. Tableware

Collectable kitchen plates can make your cooking area come alive. They are reflections of your personality and they radiate charm. Hang them on your walls, or put them on plate stands. You will find that after awhile, they will start to seem like old friends.



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