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Christian Funeral Services

There are as many ideas for funeral services as there are people. Everyone is different. We all want different things in life and sometimes in death. Some of people want a traditional funeral. Some of us want a religious funeral. It is all up to the family and the individual. pemakaman muslim

Sometimes funerals are very sad and solemn occasions. While others are kind of a celebration of the life the deceased lived. What kind of funeral to have, really seems to depend on what would bring the family and friends the most comfort.

Sometimes people have theme funerals. Like for instance you can have Elvis come to the funeral of a Elvis fan. Or you can have a fireworks display. Sometimes nontraditional coffins are used. If the deceased was a big golf fan it is not unheard of to have a golf themed funeral. Was your family member a big music fan, then play that kind of music. Did they have a movie that was special to them then play that movie on silent during the service.

Basically, you should do what every works best for the family and friends. What would be the best way to remember your loved ones life? What did they love to do more than anything else? Whatever that was that can be your theme for their funeral. Really you could even plan your own theme for your own funeral. Want to be buried in your favorite pajamas? Tell your family and let them know what kind of celebration of your life you want to have.



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