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Are You Drinking From the Tap? The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Water is essential to humans as we use it for so many things. Drinking water is most important since it is directly consumed without going through any filtration in most households. Whereas direct consumption of water is good since it contains healthy minerals and nutrients, it can also be dangerous as there are chemicals that can be present in the drinking water. It is for this reason that it is important to drink purified water.

The bad chemicals present in the water can occur naturally or enter the water through other means such as medical waste seeping into the water or water pesticides. Here are some of the harmful chemicals found in or water supply.

Fluoride – Even though it is a compound that does have several positives, it can be toxic to the nerves. It can stain your teeth despite the fact that it can clean teeth too.

Chlorine – It has many uses in human life including purifying of water. However, large amounts of this chemical in drinking water turns it into toxic gas that can end up irritating the respiratory system.

Lead – This is a very poisonous metal with the potential of damaging the brain, blood and can also disrupt proper communication in the nervous system.

Mercury – It has actually been banned even in the manufacture of beauty products because of its negative effects. When it is present in drinking water, it can lead to tremors, suicidal tendencies and psychotic reactions. It is one of the worst chemicals that can be found in tap water. Eliza Wasserfilter

Arsenic – This element is dangerous and has been used for ages as a deadly poison. Finding its way into drinking water makes it lethal.

PCBs – This is an organic compound class that is also dangerous in drinking water. Its ingestion can cause urinary problems, blood issues and skin problems.

Dioxin – It is an organic compound that can increase the chances of cancer. It is a dangerous compound considering how common cancer cases have become in modern living and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

DDT– This is another harmful chemical that is usually used as an insecticide. Exposure or ingestion of the chemical is linked to many cases of cancer and diabetes.

DCPA – The herbicide is commonly used on cucumbers, melons and strawberries to keep off diseases and insects from the produce. It can however be very dangerous to human health in the long run.

Hexachlorobenzene – It is found in pesticides and can find its way into drinking water by running off the land into the water. It can severely disrupt the endocrine system, cause cancer and interfere with the important enzyme activity in the human body.

Since it can be very hard to tell how clean your drinking water is just by looking at it, it is important to take measures that will ensure you drink healthy water free of the toxic chemicals. Tap water is not as safe as it looks either since toxins can find their way into it through different ways.


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