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A Peek at Some CPAP Accessories

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Machine is used to treat patients with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by pauses in breathing.

A CPAP machine – in Toronto and elsewhere – is made up of three major components. These are: the flow generator, the hose and the interface. The flow generator is the heart of this seemingly miraculous machine. It is the very thing that generates the airflow pressure. The hose, on the other hand, is simply the hollow tube that’s responsible in transferring the airflow pressure from the machine to the patient’s airway. Lastly, the interface is the collective term for the nasal masks, full-face masks and nasal pillows. These “devices” are what you put in your face to “receive” the so-called positive airflow pressure.

But, these are not the only things that characterize a CPAP machine. For added comfort and style, you can also make use of the following CPAP accessories:


As the name suggests, these CPAP accessories add moisture into the compressed air generated by the flow generator. Humidifiers can be heated or passive. A big name in the business is Fisher and Paykel – the company known as the pioneer in CPAP humidifiers.

Depending on your need and preference, you can choose humidifiers that are small or large, rugged or sleek, lightweight or heavyweight.

Mask Strap Pads

When used for prolonged period of times, CPAP masks – in Toronto or elsewhere – may become uncomfortable or even painful. It is for this very reason that mask strap pads came into existence. These CPAP accessories act as cushions, thereby protecting your face from lines and red marks.

Using these CPAP accessories is pretty easy. You simply have to wrap the pads around the straps. That’s it!

Whisper Caps

Some CPAP machines emit a certain kind of noise. Now, who would want to sleep with noise around? A noisy CPAP machine truly defeats the purpose of its very essence: to help patients sleep. Thank goodness for whisper caps! These CPAP accessories help lower the overall volume of the machine. CPAP

Cleaning Accessories

Of course, you need to clean your CPAP machine! But you need to use the right “cleaners,” otherwise you may damage such a precious machine!

The next time that you clean your CPAP machine, use specialized mask wipes and cleaning solutions. You can either buy a home cleaning kit or individual disinfectant solutions and mask wipes. Make sure that you have a healthy supply of these CPAP accessories always. This way, anytime your machine calls for some cleaning, you are always ready to do some wiping and disinfecting.

These CPAP accessories may not be directly attached to the machine. Well, of course, because they are only accessories.

Still, you cannot deny the fact that they are important too. These CPAP accessories not only keep your machine clean – or look great – but they also help you have a more comfortable experience. Using a CPAP machine is already uncomfortable, thank goodness for these little accessories, a bit of that discomfort is taken out.


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